Revolution Romance 1917 – 2017

A celebration and commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. In memory of Admiral Alexander Kolchak, the Russian naval commander, and his search for Romance in the Revolution.
a concert of music by famous Russian composers including Tchaikovsky and Borodin and the poetry of the Revolution.

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Queen’s Journey at Global Chess Festival in Budapest

The highlight of the Opening Ceremony was the special artistic performance of Jason Kouchak’s “Queen’s Journey”. “I am happy that so many children and families visited the festival from all over Hungary, moreover that we also welcomed participants from Chile, India, Holland, Romania, Russia, Norway, Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, USA, Mexico, England, France, Serbia and Spain” said Judit Polgar.

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Twenty Years on from Jason Kouchak’s Piano Recitals in Edinburgh and Belfast

Twenty years ago,  the pianist, composer and singer-songwriter  Jason Kouchak,  in association with the Consulate General of  Japan in Edinburgh and the Embassy of Japan in Belfast and with the support of the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, held an evening of piano recitals called Across the Water.

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Chess educators explore connections between chess and the arts

Recently, the National Scholastic Chess Foundation, an organization specializing in chess education in the New York area, collaborated with European composer Jason Kouchak to create an event that would celebrate girls and chess. Entitled The Queen’s Journey.

Chopin Nocturne – Paris prayer

Video dedicated to Paris – 13/11/15

Chess & Ballet at the British Museum

Ballet Queens and King entertain and educate at the British Museum with music:

Emirates Literary Festival – Interview ‘Sands of Time’

Interview with Jason filmed in Dubai during the Emirates Literary Festival – 2016

Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature 2016

The 2016 festival has its own theme song Sands of Time, which was composed by Jason Kouchak.

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French Film Festival celebrates 20 glorious years

Jason Kouchak has a new role as the Festival’s music director, playing at various gala occasions including a launch in Paris on October 17 hosted at his residence by Sir Peter Ricketts, the British Ambassador to France.

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Julian Lloyd Webber – Cello Moods

Sakura-Sakura traditional Japanese song arranged by Jason Kouchak
Performers:  Jayson Mariano Kouchak (Piano), Julian Lloyd Webber (Cello)


Victory Day London – Dark Night

Victory Day performance for Artic Convoy Veterans

Julian and Jiaxin first anniversary concert

Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd Webber first anniversary concert – Moon represents my Heart

Jupiter performance with Tsubasa Children’s Choir

Jupiter Jubilee performance with Tsubasa Children’s Choir


performed by Jenny Morrison and Rosie Nevard
written by Jason Kouchak

© 2017 Jason Kouchak