A Voice

A voice so soft, a children’s lullaby.
A melody written in the sky.
A voice that gives and takes my breath away,
To calm my fears from far away.

A voice that sings, so gently carries me.
Keeps me safe in this eternity.
A voice of prayer, helps me through the night.
A leap of faith, to reach my guiding light.

A voice so clear, beauty beyond compare.
To lift me up when no-one’s there.
An angel’s voice, a paradise above.
Beyond the clouds whispers..….my love.

A voice that cries, across a distant shore.
That sails the seas is lost forever more.
A voice that drifts, across the mists of time.
A memory, a love no longer mine.

A voice within to speak unspoken truths.
The missing years, forgotten flower of youth.
A voice to touch the pain I feel inside.
To search my soul, the secrets I still hide.

A voice that breaks, my lonely heart in two.
That voice is yours, that voice…….is you.

© 2024 Jason Kouchak