If you were to go
Then I’ll only want to know.
About the times back in the past,
The broken dreams that never last.

If you look at me,
In the darkness,you will see
Memories still lost in time
A burning flame forever mine.

I can’t face this world without you
Close your eyes and I am with you
I can’t live this life without you
Search within your heart and feel me
You can be strong
Now I am strong and I believe.
If you believe.

If you hold my hand
Only you can show the way
You will know and understand
Turn my darkest night to day
There is hope where there is love
Reaching higher to the sky
The brightest star shining above
I can see your guiding light

If you hear my prayer
Suddenly your voice is clear
Close your eyes and I am there
I have nothing left to fear
I will kiss away your tears
I am safe as you are near
I am near
I am here.

© 2024 Jason Kouchak