Last Time

Lonely in this land of silence,
Whispering letters as I call your name.
Always searching for an answer,
Waiting but nobody came.

Shadows passing by my window,
Voices sounding like your memory.
Haunted by somebody’s footsteps,
Frightened too afraid to see.

Sometimes when I feel so confused,
I reach out thinking I’ve nothing to lose.
But this time’s going to be the last time,
I fall in love……

Wandering walking in a daydream,
I slowly see the good times float away.
It’s no use waiting for tomorrow,
Tomorrow’s just another day.

Believing life would be so easy,
In darkness, I would feel your presence here.
But now I’m drifting going nowhere,
The future’s suddenly unclear.
Forgive me if I misunderstood,
I’d change things darling if only I could,
But this time’s going to be the last time I fall in…..

When I’m lost in a secret place
I close my eyes to see your pretty face,
And I sing a song from our yesterday,
There’s no other way without your love.

Some things maybe were meant to be,
But darling look what you’ve done to me.
So this time’s going to be the last time…..
I fall in love.

© 2024 Jason Kouchak