Moonlight and Memory

Moonlight and memory,You- so young so free.
Moonlight and memory,Two- just you and me.
Look at the moon and the stars shining down,
My dream was yours,your love I found.

Moonlight and memory,beneath the moon,beyond the sea.
Moonlight and memory,I know how love can be.
We vowed to stay ever young,ever free,
We ruled the world,just you and me.

Where did those lovers go of yesterday?
I wonder if there was another way.
Would we ever need to know?
I would never let you go……(how life has torn us apart)

Moonlight and memory,words whispered before,
Moonlight and memory,when, I wanted more.
You waited here,one more year,one more day,
I never came,you slipped away……

Moonlight and memory,a man-who still believes,
Moonlight and memory,now-no you just me.
I see you still,standing there by the sea.
Your hand in mine,eternally.
The wind in your hair,reaching for me-hold me!
A man in love with memory.
A man alone with memory.

© 2024 Jason Kouchak