My Butterfly

Are you an angel in disguise,
The summer light before my eyes,
To brighten up my day with your dazzling display of colour.
As I watch you fly above, I wonder could you be in love,
As you spread your wings, are you flying to another?

As I sit here in the shade,
I see your colours never fade,
You are so beautiful my guiding light in darkness.
You look so happy to be free,
If only I were you not me,
Where are you going to my butterfly?

Thank you for giving me the chance,
To share your beauty as you dance,
As you circle around, without a sound so lovely.
Never staying in one place, going nowhere with such grace,
Your colours catch my eyes you’re floating high above me.

Just before I say goodbye,
I want to see you touch the sky,
Were you heaven-sent or my imagination?
If you’ve nowhere safe to land,
I’ll try to catch you in my hand,
I want to keep you… butterfly.

I close my eyes and then you’re gone,
I hope you won’t be gone for long,
As I feel the joy of life when you surround me.
You will see me waiting here, until the day you reappear
To watch you flutter-by my butterfly………my butterfly.

© 2024 Jason Kouchak