One dream, close my eyes and my heart begins to melt,
One light, as the sunrises up above in love I felt.
One rose in the garden of love I watched you grow.
One love, only you-you’re the one……

One chance, sharing secrets a lasting memory,
One voice, reaching out you’re my angel, you’re my destiny.
One prayer, when I whisper the shadows disappear.
One love, only you-you’re the one……

Tell me how to live, my life is so unclear.
Help me, give me your answer-
I need you near, I need you here.

One song, can you hear me I’m calling out your name,
Listen and you’ll know that our lives will never be the same.
One touch, hold me close and I’ll never let you go.
One love, always you-you’re the one…
Darling I love you – you’re the one…

© 2024 Jason Kouchak